Solid Wood

The Acoustic Solid Wood is designed in the classical style and is a more robustly constructed version of our Classic Wood model. It uses a heavy 60mm thick aluminium platter running on our precision “zero tolerance” bearing. This is mounted on to a solid 76mm thick MDF plinth, which is finished with a cherry veneer. The platter is string-driven by a separately housed synchronous motor, powered by our microprocessor controlled supply unit. The platter is fitted with a mat made from natural leather, topped with a 5mm thick acrylic layer. The unit is supported on three independently adjustable feet.

The Acoustic Solid Wood provides further bass extension due to its greater mass. Stereo imaging, resolution of fine detail and dynamics are all to a very high standard. Music is reproduced with a flow that is the essence of the real thing.


60 mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet

Natural leather with a 5mm thick acrylic layer

WTB 370 with high quality phono cartridge

Microprocessor controlled power supply

string-drive by a separately housed synchronous motor

80 mm starke Echtholz furnierte Kirsch-Platte

470 x 370 mm; 250 mm

Approx 35 kg