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    ACCUSTIC ARTS® AMP II – MK 3: The 3rd generation

    NEW for version MK 3: ACCUSTIC ARTS® damping factor linearization

    The long-term hit and classic in the ACCUSTIC ARTS® range is without doubt our solid AMP II power amplifier. In 1997, the year when ACCUSTIC ARTS was founded, the AMP II was one of our first products. Now, in the 3rd generation, we have hardly changed the look of the product …

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    ACCUSTIC ARTS® AMP III – For those looking for a little more

    The AMP III is based on the amplifier technology of our legendary AMP II amplifier and is designed for customers seeking maximum power who also want audiophile amplifier performance. The AMP III therefore has the 4 separate final stage circuit boards from the AMP II and combines these in such a way that respectively 2 boards are available for each …

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    ACCUSTIC ARTS® PLAYER II – Our digital allrounder

    The PLAYER II is an absolutely top-class CD player and D/A converter. The basis for this exceptional product is the known reference drive ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE II. For the CD module, the legendary Philips CDPro2 finds application again. For further details and information regarding our drive technology please navigate to the “DRIVE II” menu. The important features of the PLAYER …

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    ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE DAC II – MK 3: The next level

    The tube hybrid TUBE DAC II DA converter from ACCUSTIC ARTS® was introduced in 2007 and has since enjoyed a lot of success and received numerous awards. Now the converter has been fundamentally revised to offer the additional possibility to play direct stream digital (DSD) music data.

    As with the previous model, the MK 3 version is also equipped with numerous …

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    ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE PHONO II: The analog expert for your vinyls

    Our technicians already had plans in the pipeline for a pure phono preamplifier long before we decided in 2015 that the time was right for the new TUBE PHONO II. And what could be a better venue for the world premiere of an analog high-end audio product than the audiophile hifi show HIGH END 2016 in Munich/Germany?

    Just as the word …

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    Our reference CD transport: ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE II

    Perfect CD transport
    The DRIVE II is a CD transport of the absolute reference class and works according to the top-loader principle. The unit is designed exclusively to play CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs in uncompromising quality.

    The core of the DRIVE II is the internationally renowned high-end CD module CD-Pro2LF. Contrary to most other conventional designs, this module is equipped with a very …

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    The first MONO output amplifier from ACCUSTIC ARTS

    The ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO II is the first amplifier from our company designed as a mono amplifier. The MONO II is based on the legendary AMP II, which enjoys worldwide popularity.
    The typical, cube-like timeless ACCUSTIC ARTS® design of the housing with its Bauhaus style is now continued with the MONO II. The slim …

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    The ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO III – our statement

    The brand new ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO III power amplifier is the latest member of the ACCUSTIC ARTS® family of amplifiers and after the very successful MONO II is the second amplifier from our company which is uncompromisingly designed as a mono power amplifier.
    The MONO III is technically related to our legendary AMP III which is very much appreciated all around …

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    The new TUBE PREAMP II – MK2

    The TUBE PREAMP II – MK2 is the revised version of our hybrid tube preamplifier which enjoys success all around the world. The revised version includes a number of features requested by customers.

    The changes of the MK2 version are as follows:
    1. Four analogue preamplifier outputs
    The original TUBE PREAMP II was equipped with two fully symmetrical outputs and one unsymmetrical output. …